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Talking to his lad he's 21 and he lives about 2 hours away from me and I texted him last night and said it wouldn't work between me and him because he lives to far away and he blanked me and his morning he texted me and put 'aye' and 3 kisses. So I didn't reply and he texted me again say ok and no kisses. So I texted him back an said he should move on an find someone closer and he reply with 'whatever' and I said fine and he reply and said he at least wanted to try to be with me and I said to him 'trust me you can do better than me and a long distance relationship is hard work and he replied with 'Surely it's down to me that though, not you telling me I can do better' what does he mean by that? I'm really confused he said he's the type of lad that is really layed back but everytime I go to leave he try's pulling me back. Some help?


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  • He is saying only he can decide if he can do better, and it sounds like he is happy with you and has no desire to try to find someone else.


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  • He means that you can tell him that it won't for a LDR
    But since he likes you, he might still give it a try. And He'll decide for Himself wether or not it's impossible

  • it seems to me he's trying to play games with you, move on


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