Girls, my "first" date?

So this girl inv to go shopping. 2moro and in a couple of weeks. I've been busy pursuing and she seems to like it. Now my question is what should i do. Since its my 1st real date. I just thought about joking around and shit, but actually helping her becoming this new women :p
The question how much can you flirt with a women on a shopping date, i mean the only ex; might be the asap rocky fashion killa video lol.
I thought about holding her a few times, crack some jokes and etc...


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  • Compliment her, make jokes, hug her when you meet and when you leave and just have a good time.

    • well yeah, so its not the standard: i inv myself to your house procedure shit :p
      like i dont fear silences or shit, cause ik we get together very very good. And I don't know what to do it in the centre of the city, cause my type of jokes are very loud :p and very direct :p