I'm not sure how to behave at the moment?

There is this female I go to class with and we used to be pretty cool, now ever since I told her I wanted to do something outside school she is all distant during class. The weird part, when we're just the two of us, she's very fun and close. But when there are others nearby she doesn't even conversate. She used to sit next to me all the time, now she sits somewhere else. She did say we could hangout when I asked her, but something feels off and I'm not sure what it is.


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  • I think you should forget about her. Her behavior seems friendly.

    • She touches me all the time, moves her hands through my hair, touches my arms and back she keeps telling me to smell her hair and wears my jacket even eats the food im eating and the drink im drinking. Do you do those things to be friendly?

    • You didn't mention those things in your question. How was I supposed to guess them?
      No, I don't. I am not flirty with my friends.

    • Yes sorry on my behaald, forgot to add that. But what should i do know you think? I know from experience that bodylanguage says more than wordt.

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  • Well ur not a kid, so i would put 1 more wk. Of effort into it and if nothing fuck her move on