What can I do if I dont believe my boyfriend has stopped smoking weed completely?

we have been dating for 1 year and a half. We were hs friends and are now 24yrs old. When we first started dating I asked him if he smoked weed and he said no. I expressed how I did not like dating people who did. Later I found out that he was a smoker. I can't say that he is a pot head because he is not but everytime his friends would want to do it he would. later I told him that i was bothered by it because he lied. He then decided to say he would stop. I sometimes suspect he is still doing it when he goes out what his friends and its killing me.


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  • check if he has cotton mouth. if his eyes are red. his teeth will eventually turn to shit if he doesn't brush so check that too. if he's packing his own bowls check his finger tips.

    obviously there is a way to counter all of that shit though.

    you just don't trust him right now.

    • Thanks for your advice. Its clear that I may be seeing things that are not even happening. I feel like confronting him about it but then he will for sure know that i dont trust him. And its not like I think he is doing it every single time he is out because I dont. I only suspect it when he goes to hang out with his boyfriend. Now he is a stoner.

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    • Im really bad when it comes to confrontation. I have asked him in the past if he smoked the night before when he hung out with his friends lol of course he said no and have me a look

    • perhaps you can give him the benefit of the doubt unless you have solid reasons he would lie to you.

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  • peer pressure... ughh it stinks... how old is he and he gets influenced by his friends?

    • his best friend is the problem and he is a good person but he's just too into smoking

    • stll being influenced by his best friend?

    • Well his friend smokes all the time and im sure he keeps inviting him to do so. Of course when im around my boyfriend says no.

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  • I am not going to say the typical "trust him".
    Sometimes when there is smoke, there is fire too.
    Search his things. It is the only way to be sure.

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