The "Will he call" question.

I'll try to keep this short but it might as well be long,sorry.

So I went on the date with this guy I've met online.We had a good time,no awkward silences,he seemed very interested.I had fun as well,but at the same time I wasn't sure if I wanted to see him again, I just think internet dating is not my thing really.

I was the one who suggested that we live the pub I don't really know why and then a friend rang me and asked me whether I was still up for the night out in the city and I said yes but said that I'd meet my friends in the club and won't be traveling with them.

Oddly enough,they happened to get on the same train and carriage that me and my date were in and things go awkward.I'm a student,he went to uni about 7 years ago.My friends were sort of loud and I felt really confused.

When we got out of the train we had to take a tube as well,but my date was supposed to take a different line.My friends went to buy something and I stayed with my date.I apologized for awkwardness and said that I din't want to keep him here (I was just trying to solve this weird situation with my friends,but it also may have seemed a bit rude I guess.

Then he tried to kiss me properly,but I just gave him a brief kiss on the lips because I thought my friends were about to come back and I wouldn't feel comfortable.

Now,it's the end of the second day and he still hasn't called/texted,although he said he would.

I'm not even sure I want to take it further,but he is a really nice guy and I'm just worried that I seemed rude.

I'd text him myself,but the thing is that night when we went out I tried texting him but I was in the tube and had a very weak connection which was gone the second after I sent it and my I don't get delivery reports either so I have no clue whether it got send or not.

If it did,then he is probably not interested and I'll look like a stalker.

If it didn't he probably thinks I'm definitely not interested.

Sorry,that WAS long,but any advice?



Most Helpful Girl

  • Play it cool. Don't text again. If a guy is interested, he'll be in touch. And on the other hand, you said that you aren't sure if you want to see him again so hey, it's no loss if he doesn't contact you. Don't worry about it. It's hardly your fault that things turned out the way they did that night. Don't feel bad about it and if you're feeling like you didn't click then he probably feels the same way. If you really want to take control and it really is the case that you don't want to see him again, then email him thanking him for the night and tell him you'd like to be friends - why wait for him to reject you if you don't want him anyway.


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  • If you want to change his mind then you have to call him and let him know you are sorry for being rude. Then let him know you don't always act like that. Then if you want to date him again ask him on a date. If you want him to change his mind about you, you have to take the initiative this time around.

  • I would have thought you were a bit rude, and not very much interested. It's not really what happened obviously, but I can see how he got the wrong impression.


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  • I can't say this enough...WAIT. Don't do anything - allow him the chance to contact you and be happy to hear from him if he does. If he doesn't - you need to move on as if he's not contacting you he wasn't feeling you and no amount of pressure from you is going to change that fact - even if you end up dating for a while. Let him do the chasing so you KNOW he's really interested as opposed to just allowing you to do all the work.