I have a crush on this guy we are in the same dorm but I hardly see him (+im shy) what should I do?

We are neighbours in the same dorm, and at a party a while ago we talked the whole night and he held my hand being all sweet and he bought me and my friends drinks. Since then its just this tension between us. We have had a few moments like prolonged intense eye contact when we talk (lol). Now I've caught feelings and im just confused! What do i do? other than that nothings really happened.


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  • wait.. have some patience..

    • thanks for mho :)

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    • ok.. look.. if he deserves a good girl like you.. he will definitly make a move.. ok.. keep on talking to him.. and give him signs.. but not tell him bluntly that you are falling for him.. he might think you are desparate.. best of luck.. :)

    • Thanks :)

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  • if he likes u back, u can give it a try of course...

  • Nothing. The end.

  • Tell him that you like him.

    • So how would i start a conversation with a guy that would lead up to telling him that i like him without seeming so desperate?

    • Just strike up some conversation and eventually tell him that you like him, or ask him out. No one will think you're "desperate" for it.

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