How does he get girls?

My best friend could pull almost any girl he wanted. the only problem is he never actually pursued them. lemme describe him
-very calm and not outgoing guy
-really built.
-seems like he is serious most the time
-very opinionated
Girls pursued him! why?


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  • He's level-headed, i. e. sane. That is attractive.
    He's healthy and strong. That is attractive.
    Being serious can be seen as being trustworthy and conscientious.
    Having opinions can display confidence, intelligence and trustworthiness.
    Assertiveness is obviously attractive.

    Women are attracted to guys that display traits that signal status, partnership and parenthood. I. e. are you successful? Are you a good partner? Are you a good father?


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  • He is probably hot or/and has the mature aura around him.
    Meh you shouldn't worry about it. My best friend also always got all guys, and it annoyed me at first, but once I stopped worrying, it didn't matter that much :P

  • It depends on the girls really. I've seen a lot of guys with horrible personalities get girls just because the girl was desperate or has low self esteem or he was popular, etc.

    But are the relationships successful? I don't go for guys with lots of exes or guys who seem to get all the girls. If none of the relationships are lasting very long, something probably isn't right with him.


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  • He's probably good looking, and he knows what he wants so...

  • He's built and assertive