Girls, If you really liked a guy, would you pay for the entire first date?

If a girl met a guy and he was (nice) meaning respectable, educated, but down on his luck , he really liked you.. wanted to take you out, but didn't have the funds, you guys hit it off on the phone, he's handsome, but you wonder " why hasn't he asked me out? " He dances around the ( what do you do for a living ) question, and after careful investigation you realize he is unemployed, do you leave him be, and kindly dump him, or take him out and continue the relationship?

  • Kindly dump his ass
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  • find mercy and be take him out, and continue with the relationship?
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  • I'm sorry, but whoever does the asking does the paying. If you can't take someone out, don't ask them out. I have no desire to be someone's meal ticket.

    • I feel you, but wow, no mercy... lol have you been through this before, have you fallen to the Dark side of the force?

    • It's just common courtesy. Whoever asks the other out should pay. I don't want to be responsible for paying for everything. Asking me out and not being able to pay doesn't exactly make me see you as my equal. I'm not a babysitter. Be responsible.

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  • We can be friends but I wouldn't date an unemployed guy

    • Yep... thats wack... let a man hold his own... show some responsibility and on occasions have money saved for that surprise trip to da Bahamas!

  • I think it's shallow for a girl to dump a guy because he's unemployed, you don't know the reasons , I wouldn't mind supporting him until he gets back on his feet. If he takes too long to do that and he's just plain lazy, then I would dump him. I can't stand lazy people.

    • You are a sweetheart, If I was a girl I would probably just be friends with him until I can see something, I do agree that it sucks completely letting him go because of this... but is it not a comfort to know a guy can get you... if need be?

  • Dump him, cuz i should know that he can pick up the tabs at least next time!

    • A dude shouldn't want to date if he hasn't a Job, at least find something to gain income... but yeah darling you just say bye loser, no chance huh? Sith Lord!

  • Take him out once

  • I wouldn't have a problem with it as long as there was a good reason for why he was unemployed and I knew that he would not be financially dependent on someone else for a long stretch of time. I would probably pick a cheap date, like going for a walk with coffee instead of a dinner date. This way, the money aspect of the date doesn't become a big deal for anyone, and he would hopefully not feel embarrassed about having someone else pay for him.

    • You are very... sweet are there anymore like you at home...:) very balanced thought, that you would consider the reason. Thanxs

    • Haha, yes, there probably are since where I live (Scandinavia), you usually just split the tab anyway, but I really don't think that being unemployed should be a reason not to consider someone as a romantic partner in general.. whether he can pay or not. Unless what you're looking for is someone who is very materialistic, in which case it's probably best to find out about this type of preference early on anyway for both ;) Or want to live in a 1950s- style housewife fantasy, works for some.. but girls, if that's not your dream relationship setup, then please ask yourselves why you think it's so important that a man should pick up the tab!

    • Nice, and hello from way over here in North America :)

  • I dared a guy I paid for dates on over the winter. I didn't mind that, but he was always having some issue where his car was broken down and he couldn't come to our dates or his phone didn't work and he didn't ca or he needed some gas money. And he was always just laying around my apt while i cooked and washed the dishes. Etc.

    There's a difference between being down on your luck and an irresponsible hot mess - try not to cross it if you want to date someone her act together.

    • Poor thing, I hate you had such a bad experience, hope he wasn't a brother... lol

    • Nah, dirty white boy raised by wolves. Lol! Literally. He wore filthy coveralls on a date once. hahaha.

    • Oh what a fashion statement, that guy of yours was ballsy... haha..

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