Girls, honestly how much do you care about a guys size on the poll below?

  • I don't care at all, I care about the guy
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  • As long as it's not super-small or super-big anywhere in between is good
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  • Should be at least average or above
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  • As long as within a 1/2 inch of average size I like it
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  • I care a lot, it's the most important thing about a guy
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  • I voted B, not too big or not too small. Anything in between i really don't give a shit ;). Yet if it were to be 'too big' or 'too small' it would just be a little disappointment, still wouldn't be a relationship dealbreaker in any way. There are plenty of ways to work around that ;).

    • Honestly do u think most girls think this way like u?

    • i couldn't tell you for sure, but i think so

    • What's the most common penis size you've seen in person?

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