What's The limit?

I mean. Age doesn't matter to me. But do guys think about age and actually let it get in the way of getting with someone they like or are interested in?


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  • I have to answer anonymously to protect my identity on this one.

    When I was 19 (I'm 26 now), I once dated a woman of 40 (hey I was Curious). The sex was amazing but the problem that I had with this recently divorced woman was that she kept pushing me to marry her. Actually, she began to push the question by our 3rd date. Being so young when I dated her I'm sure you can see why we broke up. You want to know the scary part. She thinks we're still an item even though we stopped seeing each other before I turned 20. I had to cancel my cell phone number and I am glad I didn't tell her where I live.

    It's kind of my fault for leading her on because I think she still thinks we are an item because I did mess up a few times over the years by having more sex with her when I was 21 and then a few times when I was 22. She has such a fine body that when we run into each other every once in awhile, I get tempted to make out with her.

    I have a girlfriend that is much closer to my age right now and I don't want to hurt her so I am doing my best to stay away from this older woman.

    To answer your question, I have learned the hard way that age along with type of experience does kind of matter.


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  • Well if you are under 18 and he is over 18 yeah, because if you fall in love you are gonna want to have sex, now if you get mad at him for some reason he can go to jail for it. Good?

  • Age matters by law and by maturity.

    Personally, I'd ;love a woman to look 21 forever, and have the mind of a 30-year old woman who was over playing games.

    For example I have met some amazing, hot women, who are now single mums and they are so sweet. They readily admit they have changed their behaviour towards men since having a child.

    When women are younger they act dumb and are accustomed to being treated like a princess the way their father does.

  • In a simple word YES- but each guy has his own age limit, for me she can't be under 20 and not more then 10 years older then me


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