How do I get her to forget the past so we can start a relationship?

i finnaly met this most beautfiul girl from a mutual friend! this girl came to the college i am at to vist her best friend that lives in the small dorms here! Me and that gril started talking on facebook the second day she was there and haven't stopped talking since (got her number like a few days later and text every day). we seem to have hit it off pretty well and she came to visit 2 more occasions and by the 3rd time i finally asked her out on a date! but i have never been in a situation like this! i was comfrotable around her but i was still nervous a lot of the time becuase like i said i have never had a girlfriend or even a girl put this much time and interest into me before. i was getting compliments from her a lot and giving her compliments! everthing was going great and at one point we even talked about a possbile "us" but we had the distance piece going and she still wasent ready for a relationship becuase her only previous one was not that great! anyways recently we finally talked again becuase i felt like soemthing had been off just from how our conversations were going, and the last time we talked on the phone she seemed to distraced by stuff. so we talked because i felt like we were going towards being just friends, and she said she felt the same way but that it won't always mean forever. and the reason behind the friend thing is because she wasent sure she felt anything big anymore.. to get to the question there was some crappy things that happend with another guy in the dorms and i forgave her for what happened, but she still hasent forgiven herself. she told me during that talk she said that she kept thinking of all that she did wrong and it killed it. so does that mean that she did feel something but lost it because of the stuff i dont want to talk about that happened but yeah do i just have to wait or somthing i dnt want to loose her and its hard being just friends right nowbecuase we are still messaging each day like the same way we


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  • You can't forget the past. Literally. You can't forget it. In order to move past it, you need to talk it out and work out the past issues and problems

    • the only thing is its not issues or problems that have happened between us!! I know its hard to forget the past I just would have to give her up totally, but that might be the only thing I could do because she would always remember what happened if she was with me..

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    And dude, Fucking grow a pair, Just forget about the bitch dude, Life goes on and shit ya know?