Dating a guy driven by ego?

It's not necessarily a bad thing, I just think his personality style is ego driven.
I'm the complete opposite to him funnily enough
Anyone dated someone opposite or have tips on dating an ego driven guy?


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  • not a good idea in my opinion, datn such a guy


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  • My boyfriend is. His pride is so much to him that he failed his exams in college but wouldn't go and get the forms to resit them because he had too much pride to speak to his teacher after it. It would have hurt his ego too much. I guess just call them out on their bullshit because sometimes they won't see it because their ego doesn't let them. Don't let them get away with anything bad because a lot of the time they don't even know they've done something wrong.

    • So I guess not just letting them win and making them feel good all the time- being honest and direct?

    • That's how I deal with my boyfriend. You have to be firm about it too. Obviously, you should always try to compromise and make up but if he's done something wrong, then you need to be firm otherwise his ego is just going to override him and make him ignore what you say. Don't pamper to him basically.

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