My girlfriend said something hurtfull. Should I forgive her?

To begin with I must say that I never had a relationship before I was with her. I admitted this to her not long ago.
I try really hard to be a gentleman and treat her good but recently we got in an argument and she said "Now I see why no girl ever wanted you before me." Later she called me and apologized for saying this to me. Should I forgive her?


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  • Oh no. That is not good.
    Did she apologize?

    If she did, yeah forgive.

    If she brings it up again or tries to use that against you again, then no. Dealbreaker for me.

    That is breaking a trust.

    You trusted her with that information and she broke it.
    For me, if it happens the second time I will not be able to connect with her emotionally.. and never trust her.

    Something similar happened to me but it was with a family member. You can bet I am not open as I used to.


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  • Oh my God!!! That was so rude of her.

    Sigh. She apologize, so forgive her. But no second time.


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  • Yes. Try and let it go, and accept her apology. It's nice she made the effort to tell you she was sorry for saying something mean to you like that.

    However, if this becomes a pattern where she's quick to lash out hurtful things, then she's probably not for you and you should move on.

  • You should. But you should ask her why she said such a thing if she's sorry.. It's not right to call someone out recklessly just to hurt the person.. it's immature and just damages the relationship

  • yes, she apolagized. you dont have to forgive her now, u can say i need some time, but if you dont forgive her it will hurt your relationship perma

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