Why is he this way?

hi, my boyfriend and I have been together now for almost 9 months. Until 3 months ago everything was going so extremely well, he said he was lucky to have me, he called me beautiful and he was always so happy to see me. Around March he started to get weird with me for the first time which continued through April were I was extremely sad about out situation ( he didn't text me as much and seemed generally annoyed with me ) in that month till around beginning of May I've had a couple of serious talks whether or not he likes me and if he wants me to be his girlfriend. He always answered yes of course, and yes yes. After that worry period I got more relaxed about our situation we are both extremely busy with our lives but still meer at the weekend twice. What I have noticed is that he isn't as affectionate as before ( he never really was but definitely more than now) I have the general feeling I'm in the way , I annoy him etc, I sometimes ask here and there do you like me he says yes ofcourse. The last month ( June,) he has shown both of his sides, for example the last 2 weekends he has been so nice , affectionate ( holding me the entire concert ) but for example today I went swimming with him he didn't seem to want to talk or hold my hand ( he said he was tired ) and there I am looking like an idiot talking way too much not to have an awkward silence. I need help, why is he this way? He has had problems with himself latley tho aswell like not knowing exactly what he wants to do with his life ( he is 18) could this be something? I'm so unsure ( sometimes I feel like we are great and sometimes I feel like I wanna break up )...

Also I saw that he made an Instagram account he said he made it yesterday with a friend ( it really. Was yesterday ) and I said hey can I add you he says we can do it later and then I ask him again later he says why is it so important to you? He doesn't know my Instagram username and I don't think he's cheating if he got it yesterday right, isn't this abit odd? Should I ask him about it


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  • This happened with me and my ex and yes it did lead too our break up. He is losing interest it seems which really does suck but if you feel like breaking up, you probably should because the longer you wait the more hurt you will end up. If you keep asking him if he loves you and likes you he will eventually get really annoyed. So you either are going to have deal with the way he's been acting, come straight out and tell him how your feeling and ask why he's been acting different or just break up with him and tell him things don't feel like they used to. It's a very hard situation but since he has been acting different all of a sudden randomly, it's more than likely that he is losing interest. :(

    • Yes butt the thing is, wouldn't he have tolled me if there was something wrong? And sometimes he can be so Nicee and intimate and the other time like yesterday not even want to talk or hold my hand? He must hVe a problem with himself then if he is so bipolar?

    • Yeah that's possible as well. But maybe on those days he's just lonely.