How would you ask a girl out, depending on her personality or vibe she's giving?

Different girls have different personalities, or give different 'vibes'. There's plenty of examples of sexy girls in fiction (yeah, I'm thinking videogames), that have different personalities and give different vibes - and unless you don't understand women and can attract them just by pure force of will, you can probably agree with that.

This is probably especially true if they're the sort of independent women that aren't afraid of men - not that any woman really has reason to be afraid of a man (unless he's threatening her), but because it simply tends to change the game completely.

Personality #1: Say, if she's a girl that likes to brag but is also rather stoic. She might be put off easily if you try to get her attention too much. Example: Cammy from Street Fighter.

Personality #2: Doesn't like too much attention, but is kind, and willing to help out. Would prefer if you manage your own affairs after awhile. She wants people to be happy, but she's also kind of a busy body. Example: Chun Li from Street Fighter.

Personality #3: The sort of girl that likes to make rude and underhanded comments, probably about your sexuality. But she's also very sexually open. Example: Juri from Street Fighter.

Personality #4: Feisty thrillseeker, but also struggling with the idea of responsibility. Example: C. Viper, apparently.


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  • Hi😊
    (i think I know who this is lol)


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  • (1) You are an awesome person I really like to get to know you more and would like to invite you to a cozy place.
    If you're not interested it's totally cool, I won't make a scene about it. If you do, you give me your number and I'll text you. How about it?

    (2) I happen to be free this weekend, and I wondered if you'd like to join me for a drink. Hard working people like you deserve a nice drink under the sun too every now and then, what do you say?

    (3) Look. It's hot in here and with that I don't mean just your body. I just like to invite you to a picnic. Don't laugh at my pathetic attempt to ask you out yet. If you do find it pathetic, could we discuss this... outside, in the park, while we're at it?

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