Girls, I dont know how to deal with not talking to her?

She is going off to siu in a few months and i love talking to her but i dont know how to deal with not talking to her. Its like i miss her a lot. I been through a lot in my life time deployed twice to afghan bunch a breakups been cheated on etc. But then i met my fiance she makes me feel like im in heaven. But when she goes to college i think she will leave and or forget me. I suffer from ptsd and this makes me feel so bad. Wanting her not to go but i will always support her decisions no matter what. Its hard to let go but i do want her to be happy. So how do i go about going through this misery just so i can see her smile cause in the end that is what really matters to me the most. But at the same time im dying inside because im ganna miss the hell out of her.


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  • Remember, take it one day at a time. Remind yourself that you love her and she is (most certainly) irrevocably in love with you too. Set dates to Skype/FaceTime. She's gonna be busy, but know that seeing your face will probably be the highlight of her day. Communicate often. ALWAYS tell each other goodnight and good morning. When worries start to dig their nasty fingers into your head (because they will) tell them to stop and tell your girlfriend you miss her. Find something to occupy yourself with, preferably something you like to do. There will be times when you'll need to reassure her that you love her and vice versa. One day at a time.
    (8 months long distance relationship)
    It's tough, but it's so worth it. Best of luck!