When a guy ask you for?

For the size you use in your sports top and sports leggings. What does this mean? I like this guy and we met 2 os ago and we had gone to a first date before 3 weeks ago. We text occasionally. We are planning for a second date later this month. This question caught me completely off gaurd when I received it in my mobile. He is 42 im 44

Forget i even posted this question. The guy asked me that because he is in te business of selling sports clothes but he did not tell me that when he first asked me about my size, he told me much later


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  • Could be a few things... maybe he wants to buy you something or maybe he's trying to make sure you're the size he's looking for.

    • make sure im the one he is looking for? In what sense , like h is type of girl?

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    • I found out why he asked me that just minutes ago hahah He asked me that because just a few minutes ago he told me he is selling sports clothes, But when he asked me about my size he did not tell me why and he asked me that 5 hrs ago haha

    • Haha well there ya go

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