If a guy makes a big effort to see you could it mean anything?

I've been friends with this guy for years. We aren't best friends but we get alone well. We both live in different towns so we only see each other a couple of times a year.

The last time I was in his town, he made a big effort to catch up with me (he asked me to catch up two days in a row while I was there - I was only there for three days). He also sent me a text letting me know he'd had a great time catching up.

He sent me a text the other night saying that he will be travelling to a city that is a few hours away from where I live (he's got a sporting competition on there). He said that on the way back he might take a detour out to where I live and he asked if I'd like to catch up. It is at least a three hour drive out to where I am. I live in a tiny country town and it's not exactly exciting out here, so I was quite flattered that he'd want to come out. He said he's never been out here before and would enjoy it.

Could this mean anything?


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  • It means a lot.

  • Hard to say, probably just misses you.


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