I think my female dentist is interested in me romantically?

Well I'm kind of poor so i go to a dental school program. I'm 17 but look much older, and not to brag, but i guess some girls find me attractive. I recently switched to this very kind Asian girl (she's a dental student so she's probably like from 18-24.) and she does the normal things nice dentists do because she seems like a really nice person, but i can feel something giving a vibe of more than that. Like when she wipes water or stuff off of my face, she does it really caringly and slow and stuff like that. She always tells me sorry over the littlest things (but then again this is all girls.) and sometimes she seems eager to press her body against mine even though sometimes it's needed because she's so short. Haha :) she doesn't have big boobs, and it doesn't matter to me, but she presses them against me often, and i honestly don't think that its necessary half of the time. After she was done cleaning my teeth she asked if i was doing anything later today, and she sometimes asks about my family and about me. I guess this is normal cause she's my dentist at the moment, but i get a feeling that she likes me lol. Sometimes she avoids looking at me when I look at her if I'm not in the dentist chair. I could usually tell when a girl likes me but this situation is a little harder to be sure.

Do you guys think she likes me too? You know it would be really weird if she came across this post lol


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  • I'm sorry man, but it's very unlikely

    • Well its not that i think I'm some kind of god, but i dont see it as impossible because at school, a lot of my female teachers think I'm really attractive, especially the younger ones. I seriously don't look 17. Im like 6 ft, muscular, have a chiseled jaw, long eyelashes, facial hair and stuff like that. Lol the dental program thought i was over 18 already until they checked the birth date

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    • True but she's no more than 4 years older. It's not like my teachers they are like 8+ lol

    • Also she has a team that works on me, so she won't be my dentist forever lol

  • She likes you, in japan putting you boob up against a guy is flirting.