Should I try to fix this or just let it be?

So this girl comes into my job every now and then and I Iike her but I never really get a chance to talk to her. Most we have said is hi and bye. Sometimes a "hows your day going?" Im not even sure she's intersted in me but hey I like her so i gotta try. So my co worker decided that I was taking to long to get her number and wrote a note for her. She gave it to another girl that works with her to hand over to the girl I like. The note said: "i know we never have a chance to talk but here's my number. Text me." Even though I didn't agree to this she decided this was the best thing to do. How the hell do i fix this? Im 21. This is not how it should go. It makes me look creepy and it makes me look like im not man enough to ask for her number. Even if she figures out that I didn't write the note, she will still be weirded out. What should I do now? I figure I should apologize for the imaturity of my co worker? Maybe I should just let it go? Even if i apologize it would be extremely awkard.


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  • Just leave it man. Definitely don't apologize, turn it into a joke. It could be a good way to break the ice next time you see her. I've left a note on a girls car once saying a similar thing and it went down really well. It's not creepy and says nothing bad about your manhood. You need to stop over thinking it. It was actually a good letter, I'd be happy that your friend did that. From the sounds of it you were probably taking to long. You can't be apathetic with these things or you will miss you chance with her!

    • Oh i was definitely taking too long. You might be right just make a joke out of and either it goes well or doesn't.