What do you do when you hate your enemy but really like their best friend?

So I hate this girl lets call her N because she's so full of herself and likes to tease people and once they ask her out she flats out says NO and on top of that she rejected one of my best friends when she was teasing him like crazy by them holding hands and hugging all time and when he asked her out she just says no with no explanation, but her best friend let's call her A, is nicer and way prettier. The thing is they are like sisters because they go to each other's houses like every weekend and yesterday when me and A were hanging out, one of my classmates asked me if we were going out because we are so I guess affectionate towards each other. I said um... um... I looked back at her and she said Yes.. I mean No and and so even though I hate N, I don't want to mess up best friends so I have no idea what to do. They both know I hate N but they don't know I like A and now someone is trying to start a rumor that we are boyfriend and girlfriend. It's really complicated lol


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  • Dude don't ruin your chance in love because of her bestfriend. If A is really down for you like she seems she is then she won't let N get in the way of your relationship with A. If you down for her then go get her, the rest of the world is black its just you and A.

  • why care? go for the girl

    • I don't want to ruin their friendship because if N hates me now (she does) what will happen if I started dating her bff

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    • How does N know A likes me? Do they secretly talk about me like in the movies lol.

    • all girls talk about guys they like to their besties.

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