Does this make me jaded?

I've had a lot of dealings with women and dating, sadly most of them have been bad, maybe, I'm just meeting the wrong ones, but it seems like the ones I'm meeting are just, snotty, status obsessed, or just downright mean. i, ve even had one lady I met tell me that she didn't want to date me and that we could just be friends, I tried to send her a friendly message via fb and she blew up at me, what the hell? Anyway, am I just crazy or are these experiences making me jaded?


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  • I don't quite understand what you're asking but I'll try to answer it. It seems to me that you just kept getting a crappy hand and should still keep on going until your chips run out but don't put a lot chips on just one hand... hopefully you understand he metaphor

    • Yea, I do, thanks for your answer, I dug the use of metaphor, it was a good way to explain things.

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  • He's not a nice guy, if you were thinking about dating him, don't do it.


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