How to help my boyfriend get over his trust issues?

My boyfriend has been cheated on multiple times (with other girls) so he has a hard time trusting me. He will ask me if I thinks a guy is goodlooking, and I will reply honestly. If I says yes, he will flip out and then block me out of his life for hours until he will finally talk to me and I will have to fix everything. It's frusterating because he want's someone honest, so I'll give it to him and it ends up making the situation worse. It's not like I am attracted to the guys he points out, I'm attracted to him and I love him.

What really irritates is that he will see a girl and say that she is goodlooking. Like I don't care, there are nice looking people out there.

It's getting to the point where I am ready to be done with it. It's been going on for a year and it's becoming an everyday thing.

I just want to clarify this:

Being ATTRACTED to someone means you are drawn to them.
Thinking someone looks good, means you think they look nice.


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  • Okay. That's HIS insecurity that he needs to deal with before ever getting into another relationship. If he hasn't fully healed from the past, he shouldn't be bringing baggage into a new relationship because it's unfair to the individual i. e. you.

    He's also hypocritical if he flips out when he asks you about a guy and yet talk about a girl being good-looking (though he may be doing it to "get back" at you for talking about the good looking guys even though he asked).

    I would let him know that this behavior actually drives many people to cheat. I'm not CONDONING cheating, but this is a reason why many people cheat.


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  • Just be careful with how honest you are. There's honest and there's HONEST, you don't want to be HONEST in this case

    • He would be pissed if he found out she was dishonest. She probably said that he was attractive but the her dude was more attractive. I think she did right.

    • No, she def. did not. She doesn't need to be completely honest but don't lie either. She could have handled it a little better

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  • Okay first of all your boyfriend is putting all of his old baggage on you & that's not fair. I understand why but you've never done anything to make him that way of you. Why would he set himself up to be hurt anyway? Why he ask you does he look attractive? Does it matter? Like you're with him, not with guy he pointed out. Plus him saying other girls are attractive I think he is trying to get back at you for saying other guys were attractive just so he can make you mad. Even though he was the one to an in the first place. He is really insecure & you need let him know asap or just leave. Like I would feel like complete shit if my boyfriend thinks I'm going to cheat on him.

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