Anyone have any horrible first kiss stories?

I was 18 and I was going on a first date with this guy. He took me to this pizza shop and only ordered garlic sticks. Everyone knew him by name and was really surprised that he had a girl with him. We talked a bit but it never actually got past the first date questions. I made up an excuse to get out of there and he offered to walk me to my car. He started joking that he could rape me right there and no one would know. He then pushed me against my car and gave me a verrrry slobbery kiss.


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  • It was so awkward... uncomfortable... and I wish it never had occurred.

    I was at the library and this guy and his friends that I went to school with shoes up and we just basically hungout then he called me over while his friends were being nosey but it wasn't as if we really had privacy in the first place and he just kissed me in the middle of the book cases.

    It just felt so weird I pulled away from him walked away with no explanation and acted as if nothing had occurrd. Yeah I now it was pretty harsh but at least I didn't say ewww or something.


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  • ... Don't date someone who thinks about raping you, because that means they actually think about that possibility on a regular basis. That's a bit of a red flag if you ask me.
    Sorry to disappoint though, my first kiss story was awesome, although we were full-fledged making out and I'm pretty sure we weren't doing something right, but I didn't mind, hah.

    • No, I know that. It was a first date and we didn't know each other real well.

      We didn't go on anymore dates.

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  • I was 17. At a party at my current boyfriends house. Which on its own us weird, but anyways.
    I was standing in the orange groves drinking with everyone and my friends was like "OH HAHAHA NIKKI, LYNDSIE IS SOOO LONELY" i looked up like wtf? And saw this realllyyyy drink kid running at me, he attacked my fave 😑 so awkward. So horrible.
    it tasted like southern comfort and reeses peanut butter cups.

  • Happened few months ago, so 17. I was at a party. My friends and I were drinking and sitting in a circle, we were playing a game called "truth, dare or drink" stupid game lol. So when the bottle turned to this guy, he's quite attractive tbh, he chose dare. And they told him to "kiss an opposite sex which you find attractive". He was literally drunk. He kissed me. It was so awkward, so horrible.

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