What should I do or say?

Ok he has a girlfriend and a daughter and its obvious he isn't happy. We met 2 years ago and met we have became so close and its like we have known each other for years ! It's been a roller coaster of emotions and I know the score we will never be together ! He has told me he loves me and is attached to me and the thought of me leaving hurts him. I feel caged !! I love him I have tried to cut all ties but I can't. I have even felt suicidal over this. He is a good man so caring and when we are together it's amazing I have never felt this way over a man in my life. We have arguments and its all down to my frustrations. I have never told him to leave his girlfriend so I don't know what his thoughts on that would be but I couldn't do this to him I don't want to break a family up !! I know I'm other other women but the contention is unreal !! Not for me for him to as he has told me this. He had asked what I wanted and he asks how I feel about him I always try to keep my real feelings hidden and I can see this upsets him. I have told him I loved him. I feel he wants me to tell him I want him but I have never told him this or to leave , I am so mixed up with emotions I do not know what I should do? The only time I can tell him about my frustrations and feelings is by causing an argument !

2 years we have been seeing each other
And it's not for sex !! We only meet once a month but 90% of the relationship is closeness caring


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  • It is petty to sneak around with someone in a relationship. The boyfriend is wrong as well. If you leave or tell the girlfriend what is going on you'd be doing her a favor. Than you two could be together.

    • I have never said I want them to break up. And when I say to him should we end things he always says it's his choice and he doesn't care and he wants to see me. So obviously he isn't bothered about his girlfriend

    • 3 months ago I got a little drunk and upset I didn't know why I did it but I messaged his girlfriend asking her where her boyfriend was. She went mad and messaged him asking who I was and accused him of seeing me etc the next day I was upset about what I had done and told him to tell his girlfriend I was some weird women causing trouble... I was scared I didn't want them to break up !!! But he came straight back to me after knowing I did this to him