I think sombody is using my cell phone number? Help?

I tried to change m'y Facebook password and they asked for my phone number or email si i types in my phone number and it said " sombody one else is using this number" ?

then i tried to to changes my Hotmail account You know they ses You That sms for recovery You account and password well i did get one But then i recieved Another sms for revoring my account!


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  • 1: (fb problem) was happen when someone else put your phone number in some other fb profile. *could be someone of your friend who knows your contact.

    2: maybe you push enter button twice when it says to confirm your mail address/contacts *It might be some error from hotmail that sent you code twice

    Note: Change your password one more time to check anyhting's fine.


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  • Have you changed your phone recently?

    • No i had the same number for years actually...