Please help me?

A boy had a crush on me this year and then I started to like him too. He didn't actually said he liked me but he told his friends and he was always staring, smiling, listwning everything I say to my friends, never talked while I was talking, always looked into my eyes like he saw an angel, following me around, trying to get close to me but we weren't friends and he was too shy to talk to me... I tried to make him comfortable around me and I even tried to tell him I like him but he freaked out and before I said it he said 'If you're gonna ask me out my answer is no' and tried to escape.. he couldn't even stand still in front of me... after that he was still the same with but even more shy. I didn't give up... I tried more and more but never worked... Now the school is over and I have 1 more chance to talk to him but I'm not sure if he's ready... I feel like he wants me to come to him but I'm also scared that he will reject me. I don't want to lose him... By the way he never dated and I'm his first crush... he never liked someone before ans doesn't know what to do. What should I do? Please help me..


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  • It seems pretty clear that what you're trying isn't working.
    Try approaching and just being casual around him. He's nervous as it is so there's no need to make it worse.
    If this is the last chance to talk to him because it's the end of the school year then you should try (at the end of the conversation) to add him on Facebook or something. He'd probably be more comfortable there rather than in person.
    Just don't seem too over bearing.

    • I added him on facebook but we don't talk much and he's rarely online

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  • He is not that interested, otherwise he wouldn't say no.

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