Is he mad/upset with me?

I think that the guy I am texting (we are not dating) is mad at me.

We text during the day, everyday for about two months now. We have never sexted but we do talk about personal/deep things.

He told what he was going to do yesterday and then sent me a two one-word texts. I replied and everything was normal.

A friend asked me to go out for a drink and I checked in the place in Facebook. I haven't heard of him.. He always says "Good morning" at least.

I'm kind of confuse. Should I "report" to him? Should I be more open? I don't want to be considered as clingy.


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  • Just relax and take a step back. You're definitely overthinking things.

    Give it a day or so, if you don't hear from him text him and say hi. Don't even mention the fact that you thought he was ignoring you. Just say play it cool and keep it casual.


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  • If you want to talk to him just text him. Guys like when girls initiate the condo sometimes too