Friend/Crush going into Army- Should I move on or try to make it work?

I met this amazing guy about a month ago when I came home from college. We immediatly became friends because we like all the exact same things and we have very compatible personalities. Although being friends was just enough- we started getting flirtier and more into each other, and one day we ended up telling each other that we both really liked each other.
Great, right?
This was a week ago. And he leaves to be in the Army in less than 6 weeks. Suddenly after we decided we wanted to hangout more romantically- he decides to cut it off because he doesn't want to start anything before he leaves for basic training. I get it. But then he decides every single time we're together somewhere as "friends", he makes it too uncomfortable to be just friends by touching me, flirting, and then non stop texting me afterwards. And then he complains that he likes me so much and wants to get to know me more but he is afraid to get too attatched to me.
I feel so confused because I truly really like him. I have never met someone I have felt so much in common with and had so much fun being around. He keeps plahying with my heart by saying he wants to be with me so badly and then doesn't.
Should I just stop talking to him and move on with my life? Which will be extremely painful because I'm walking away from someone who really means something to me? Or should I fight for him and ask to make this more than it is? I feel I could wait for him because there's no one else I've felt so strongly about.


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  • if he's going 2 da army things would b really tough... but i believe u can get back 2 him, once his service's over, and u are still free


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  • You should move on.

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