I am really confused and scared about this situation... I wish I never did it?

Basically I am a Guy who believed in dating a girl and forming a relationship so we can marry one day. I always felt that casual sex was not something I would ever do. Being quiet throughout school , I still used to get attention from girls, but I was really shy around them. I was a virgin for a long time and had will-power to not just have sex.

However things have took a drastic turn recently... I used to hang around with a couple of my friends , who are in a soccer team together. They used to invite me to their place , just to watch the matches and chill out. They were sleeping with different girls and never involved me in it , coz they undertood me. But this one gorgeous girl used to always come to their place and she slept with different guys and just loved casual sex.

She would always smile at me and one day she asked if I could drop her home. I just said "yes" without thinking and dropped at her place. She told me to have a quick look at her apartment. I was looking through her apartment and then when we were in her room , she said " I want to bang you, you turn me on" and stripped off her clothes. I stood there frozen and shaking inside. I said, " Listen I don't want to ". She replied, " come on... It's just casual sex... not a big deal and it's between us".

I saw her nude and didn't know what happened. So I did sleep with her and she was whispering into my ear " I love you" while having sex.
After that I met her at my friends place a few days later and she said she loves me and wants to have a baby with me.
She only has casual sex with guys and only wanted casual sex from me... so how come she changed her mind now.. I don't want to date /marry her... What should i do now.. help !!


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  • It sounds like just pep talk to make you come back to her bed since her hobby is casual sex. She became the 'man' here and you are the 'woman'.

    Why don't you just tell her you are not interested in seeing her anymore? Just a plain simple truth. Be honest.

    • Thank you for the answer !! The thing is she only get guys for casual sex and she was very clear with me... Why is she interested in having a relationship with me?

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    • And she does sex sports for fun... hmmmm

    • Gets a kick out of it... Probably ;)

  • danggggg!!! Let her down easy. She may see you as a great guy/ spousal material. Dont do anything you don't want to do!!
    whose to say she still wouldn't act like that after she's had your baby sounds too much of a headache to me Good Luck!

    • Thanks for the comment :) But why would she see me as spousal material after only having casual sex once?

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    • I also agree with the girl below me, she may think thats what you want to hear, but don't be no fool!

    • Yeah... I find her annoying. I regret what I did and I want this to be the first and last casual sex ever in my life ;)

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