Had a strange dream and its holding me back, is that OK?

My boyfriend and I broke up awhile back, then realized that we couldn't stay away from each other so we started hanging out again but never officially said were back together. So he ends up having to move away but he tells me he will fly me out to him every 2 weeks and I agree. I'm actually here now with him he moved away 2 weeks ago. But on my way to him I had a strange dream, we were arguing because he was messing around with this girl and after the argument he tells me were not exclusive and even if I believe deep down in my heart he wouldn't hurt me like that since I've been here I can't get it of my mind and I can't enjoy myself what do I do?


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  • if this dream happened once i assume it was only random then

    • I've had a couple that actually happened

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  • Say to yourself: Dreams are bullshit and I shouldn't believe them.
    Repeat as many times as necessary.

    • Crazy thing is we broke up about a few weeks ago in the exact way I saw it in my dream smh, i will definitely listen to my dreams going forward