Should I forget about him and just move on with life?

My boyfriend is not this type of guy who's totally into his girlfriend; he always has something to do, study, work, spend time with family and friends... but when it comes to me, he's never there! We're on holidays now and he promised that he'll take me out and spend time together, but he didn't! I hate myself for saying this, cuz I love him, but I'm feeling so annoyed and sad... I kept telling him that he has to care about me more, to surprise me, to do something I DO NOT ask him to do; BUT... It's like talking to a wall, nothing changes... When I start complaining and ask him to go out of my life, he says " I won't let you go, we'll be together always, you'll be my wife " he's so good in doing this cuz I forget about the problem and just be that fool girl... GUYS please HELP!!!


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  • I went through a similar situation and eventually I left my boyfriend because it became clear that i didn't matter and was never going to matter but about a week later he came running back to me saying he regretted everything that he didn't know how to love me and how to show me but that now he was going to work on it and I told him still that I was done and weeks after he continued trying to get back with me. sent me flowers , poems and cute texts but I didn't allow myself to feel any type of way about it because when he had his chance he took it for granted. don't allow him to do that to you. Be smart about it.