Hey girls/guys, what do you guys think about first relationships?

First relationships for both girl/guys.
Do/did they last? If yes, why? If no, why?
What was yours like? What did you learn from it?
If it's still going, what do you guys have planned? :) Would love to hear your stories.


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  • I'm still in my first relationship. We've been together for almost 3 years (I'm 19 now). I'm not his first girlfriend but he's my first boyfriend. I had never really cared about anyone else, the guys who would ask me out never really caught my attention, he was the first who could do that. I knew we were going to start a relationship from the moment we met! We just clicked and everything was perfect.

    We're very happy and we seriously hope and think we'll be getting married. I always say it openly, my boyfriend doesn't. He's the kind of guy who's afraid of getting hurt and doesn't want to expose himself that much by saying we'll be together for the rest of our life... and I understand it. I've caught him saying things like "when we're old..." or "when we're 40 and have the money..." or "our son..." lol, so he wants to hide it but I know the truth: we both think we're going to be together for a lot of time.

    Of course we have our ups and downs just like everyone else, but it doesn't matter because we care for each other too much to let stupid things destroy what we have. What we have is special and it's something I haven't seen in a long time looking around. I'm very positive about our bond.

    Some people say first relationships don't last, that young people are inexperienced and need to look around before settling. But when you find love, that person you can talk to, that person you can have fun with, or cry with, that person who cheers you up when you're down, who always supports you in your life choices, that person who understands you and respects you, that person who is considerate of your needs, your wishes and your choices, first relationships can last a lifetime! I can't even imagine myself being with another man, having another man in my life, having another man kiss me. He is and will be my first and only one :)

    • Reading this made me smile. I really like your commitment to that relationship. Im so happy for you and wish you all the best for your relationship. It's great knowing that you understand what you both need in a relationship but it's only just getting started at your age. There's rocky roads and mountains to climb as you age. I'm only 20 but I know it's far more difficult than all those pleasant things you mentioned.
      All the best to you. :)

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  • I'd like to think my first one will last..
    Most people have their's at like 13, and it lasts like a week or two.
    I'm at that age where they can last years or more.

    • I hope your first lasts as well because the break up is the most painful thing I've ever felt. :( Still dying and its been 2 months

    • Ah, that sucks. I'm sorry :c

    • Ahaha it's okay. Not your fault. :)

  • Sometimes they work but a lot of times they don't, I had my first relationship at 17 and it was more based off of trying to understand the other person more than anything else, it went on for about half a year. That shouldn't say anything about your relationship because only you know your significant other.

    • That's true. Sometimes it does and doesn't work out the way you want it to. Understanding each other isn't only something you do in first relationship. It should be attended in all relationships :)

  • I haven't had one yet I think most of the ones that happen when we're young don't matter.

    • Ahh, you just waiting for the right one? I think the ones that you have young are valuable experience as they learn what they actually want in a relationship and what they want in a guy/girl. :) Unless it was a bad experience then I guess you learn from mistakes.

    • I guess so.

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  • Some last, but most don't. Some people hold on to their promises to their selves that their first would be their last, that's why it last but it really takes a strong will and tons of patience for it to happen.

    I was also one of those who wanted to have her first relationship to be the last, but unfortunately it didn't. Why? Because we're too young back then we even thought of marrying at 18 LOL
    We planned about going to the same school, finish uni together, have kids, be successful in our chosen careers but at the same time supporting each other. Haha. That's maybe the reason why when it ended, it took me 5 years to get over him. Maybe if he didn't marry, I'd still be here waiting and hoping he'll come back

    • How long did it last and why did it end? did you guys cut contacts? Did he get married?
      My ex broke up with me 2 months ago and we are both each other's first. We still love each other but he decided to change his mind set to becoming successful before committing into a relationship... So he kind of just threw me aside. Well I know I still love him. But he's not convinced he still loves me but he says he misses me. Do you think I should get back with him if he wants another try?

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    • If you feel and you think he/your relationship with him still deserve another try, then why not? You shouldn't miss every opportunity you get coz look at me I had all the chances in the world to get/win him back but I wastes it because of my fvcking pride haha. I waited for him to come back.. but made it hard for him when he wanted to so he gave up. Haha

    • Sorry for my bad typing haha. It was a long story haha and I can't tell it all here

  • They can last but for me it didn't work. It is pretty exciting and new but also can hurt.

    You just need to enjoy the present.

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