Did he like me beforehand?

Some months ago, a night I was hanging out with a friend of mine and we met a group of five guys. Let's call the one of them X and the other Y (the rest don't matter). After that night we were only saying "hi' if we bump into them and nothing more. Actually there were times that we didn't even say hi (especially with Y).
One night, last month I was hanging out with the same friend of mine and X came to us, said hello, asked us how we were doin' and then he told me that he wants me to go on a date with Y because he thinks that we'd be a great couple.
The night after that we met them at a party and Y came to me and we started talking about several things. After all this talking he told me something like "X told me that he wants us to go on a date or something". And I was like "yeah, he told me.". I didn't know what to say. Some days later he friend requested me on facebook but he didn't talk. So i decided to send him a message saying just "hey". We talked for a little bit on facebook and at the same night we met at another party, we went for a walk and at the end we kissed. Now we are officialy dating.
But I was wondering... Was it planned? I mean is it possible that Y liked me beforehand and told X to talk to me about him? Or it was just a coincidence?
I'm planning to ask him about it but I want your opinion too.


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  • Yes, most likely Y asked X to try and tell u more about him, to get u interested in him. He probably did like u beforehand or at least thought u were attractive or just cool.


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  • He was interested and yes, it was planed.