What can I do to change her mind here?

I posted this yesterday but i wanted to expand on some things.

So I broke up with my ex many months ago, it was a mutual desicion on both of our parts because things fell apart rapidly, some time after we both sat down in chat and talked about it for the first time, she said she regretted the entire breakup, but we saw the relationship that had so much potential cut short, she always kept an open mind about getting back together but only if it felt right, not out of lust or for the hell of it.

She mentioned about mid-Match that she wanted to speak to me over text, which was kind of normal because we never met up after breaking up just talked online, but it wasn't usual she'd want us to have a serious talk. We exchanged messages and I could tell it was big; In the course of an hour she said that and I quote "The reason I haven't met up with you since we broke up is, well, I know I'm just going to like you again.. and I'm scared about that", the week prior we organised to meet up just grab something to eat and catchup, but that fell through, after she said that things became sort of detached and I felt she was disinterested, which later I found was wrong.

Late last week she brought up weather me and some friends are going to this local festival later this month, I said I'd be happy to and she said she'll see me there.

Is this a good sign or a bad sign? How should I approach this?


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  • First, you did to work on your spelling. Weather is the not the same thing as whether

    Second, it's a good sign

    • Minor correction, I'll bare that in mind. And many thanks.

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  • Are you like wanting to get back together with her and see where things go?

    • Yep, well our relationship ended unfairly due to a wide range of issues, I feel that we can make it work.

    • oh well then yeah i think that its a good sign then lol

  • Let her come to the descion on her own


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