I'm not a patient man. Can soneone help me with this?

You know how some people have difficulty making a move on their crush? Well thats really not me. When I feel there's chemistry I go for it. The longest it ever took me to get from the point of developping a crush and acting on it was 2 or 3 weeks.
Recently I met this wonderful girl, while on vacation, we have soo much in common and we hit it off imediately. We were only able to spend several hours together before she had to return home. Because we live in different countries i have to wait till summer to see her. When she comes to visit me we'll start dating and we'll see what happens then.

The problem is though waiting is driving me nuts. Its already a month and its still 1 month from now this is killing me honestly. I need to be patient give her space for now as she's really busy with exams and thesis etc. I'm just terrible at this.

Any advice?


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  • maybe it'd b better 2 find sth to keep yerself busy?

    • I do. I have exams for uni, a full time job and a lot of things to plan as I'm leaving to go live in germany for a year starting September. Still she's never far from my mind.

    • then it's b better 2 focus at yer x-ams atm :)

    • No kidding im wasting saoo much time lately