She stopped texting back... do I just leave it or what?

Dating a girl (although we're not mutually exclusive, we have admit we like each other and in fact she's the one that initiated the early physical stuff like hand holding and I am the one that took it up to kissing and making out etc, which she always reciprocated or escalated even further!) but stated she's not one of those girls that gives out and the drop of a hat (which obviously I respect and it attracts me more!)

Things have been going well for weeks... now all the sudden she's pulled back out of nowhere. To the point of not even replying to my last text from a couple of days ago?

What do I do?

  • Move on now
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  • Wait and see if she comes back
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  • Attempt to talk to her in a week or two if she doesn't come back
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  • Move on if is she doesn't come back
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  • Other - please say
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm dealing with the EXACT same thing. My guy and I used to text DAILY. He would comment on or like almost EVERYTHING I put up on Facebook. This went on for about 3 months. Then I finally put out and guess what- I haven't heard from him since. I texted him and asked whut up, he said sorry, didn't know I made you feel that way... I'll try to text u more- promise. That was a week ago. So I texted him a few days ago with a simple question- hey, what up... NO REPLY. I wanted a few more days and was like, "Hey, how are you?" NO REPL. I'm effing done.
    Perhaps you are being used the way I was.


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  • Really depends on the situation I think... have you done anything that would cause her to ignore you?

    • Not that I know of, after our last date she told me she had a great night and got home safe

What Guys Said 1

  • I don't know, you didn't give enough useful detail. If you care enough to see her again, just try texting again