Do Shy Girls get Asked Out?

All of my life I've been really shy, quiet, and reserved. Once people get to know me, though, they tell me that I'm very sweet and kind, and that I'm a bit of an "old soul", lol! All throughout school I've never gotten a guy's number, or even got asked on a date. I didn't go to prom, either. Now that I'm 20 and out of school, going to work everyday, etc, I still have no luck when it comes to guys. Guys don't even show any interest in me at all. Am I doing something wrong? Is it because I'm shy? There have been multiple guys that I asked out/showed interest towards in my lifetime (about 6 or 7 of them), but all of them have rejected me. I'm thinking it may be the fact that I'm not really into partying or clubbing, etc, so they may think that I'm a really boring person lol! Most of my free-time activites are done at home (such as playing the piano, photography, reading, writing, etc). Is my shyness and introversion to blame? Thanks, everyone. :)


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  • Yeah I think meeting more people can definitely help you find a guy. Staying a home mostly likely won't help your romantic life.


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  • I think it's fine to be shy. It may be something else.

    • What do you mean by "something else"?

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    • I agree with cavmanier puttying yourself out there will increase your chances. And also put at least a little bit of effort in how you look will help, same goes for guys...

    • Alright, thanks :)

  • Yes they do. By me. unfortunately some are so weird that they malfunction afterward soo...


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  • they do get asked out, but it's so much harder for a guy to get to know you if he never even talks/gets to know you.
    Introversion isn't a bad thing, but do try to get out more :)

    • Very true, thanks! :) I used to wonder why guys never came and talked to ME first, but now I realize that it's just as important for me to go and talk to THEM as well.

    • yess, exactly!! you'll be perfectly fine ^.^

  • Yes but not as much as outgoing girls

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