Girls, What is up with this girl?

I had dated this girl for 2 times. We had talked almost every day, than She had something terrible happen to her. She was going through a depression and she had a lot on her shoulder for several months. I had communicated through text or internet to give her words of encouragement. she tells me she misses me and I tell her I miss her after several months of no talking on the phone. I really like her , but I can not figure her out. She a grew up in another country. She seem ok and looks great , but I am not sure what is going on in that head. You females are hard to figure out sometimes. She been more aggresive with her responses and more tenative to my message before it would be months or even a few weeks before I would hear from her. I like her , but I really don't know where this is going and if it has a future. I would like your girls opionion. She thanks me for being their for her through think and thin , but I really want to see her. I asked her if I she was free that we could spend sometime together, even after the fact that she wanted me to see her at her best.(told me 8 months ago this). She does not seem to answer my questions about seeing her. I really can to see why she would not want to see me if she really misses me. How can this be... she from the middle east. am I being played with or is she really into me and not ready

Not really, I just got talking to her and she been going through a lot of emotional situations with people that are taking advantage of her. So not all is failing, she just need a guy to get her to come out and say it.


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  • sounds like she might not be i nterested... sorry :(

    • I think so, she avoids the question about seeing me. She does not seem to be interested in making a effort towards me.

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    • kinda seems that way :(

    • Trues out she going through something very emotional. She was crying when I called her so I am going to be there for her.

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