Why all girls are taken?

every girl i approach no matter if pretty or average if she likes me or not ( usually they like me so i approach them ) they end up being taken so i just back off slowly , i am afraid iam never going to get what i want because every girl i find and genuily like ends up being taken its really boring and annoying , why do all the other guys get lucky but not me , i have the looks the smarts i am working to improve my future i have lots of friends , but girls dont seem to be part of it no matter how much i make them laugh or how sexy i am and how many of them try touching me or want me to touch them ( trust me i have touched girls before ) at the end they are taken so i just have no choice but to back off.


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  • This question is kind of redundant.. It just so happens that the guys you chose to to talk to are taken. It's a thing and it happens. Just keep looking, that's literally all you can do. There's no reason to give up on it just because a few girls you've spoken too are taken.

    • they thing is its not just about a couple of girls i've spoken to i am talking about dozens of girls , literally every girl i see is taken its pissing me off its a small town and not a lot of options so I don't know what to do.

    • I get it, but like what do you expect? All you can do is keep trying. Don't know what else to tell ya. Finding someone is never easy

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  • a bunch of girls would beg to differ.
    but why do you sound so self-centered and egotistical? Maybe that's why.

    • because its a site where people ask for help why would i sound like that otherwise? i was stating obvious things about me how else do you want me to say it? also no girl begs to diffet just give me one pretty girl that is smart, genuine and nice and is not taken and i give you whatever you want.

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    • yeah luck... thats what i need more of

    • luck+kindness!

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  • Get abs, Bitches dig abs.

    • its not about abs i have that i am saying that no matter how many looks i get or what they wanna do with me they are taken so they are not gonna do it nad i have no choice but to accept that.

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    • its not about looks i've got that i have a lot of things i get girls interested in my looks but when it gets serious they back off because they are taken , i am talking about a connevtion between two people , yes looks matter to a degree at first but you have to find a single person

    • No.. Looks are more important then absolutely everything dude. Bitches will dump their boyfriends to take a hotter guy..