He said I smell like Fu-fu-fu?

we were sitting in the car and he suddenly said "do you feel this smell?"
i tried to smeall what smell...
then he said "its like some food was left in car, do u feel it? FUU-FUUU!!!"
then i said no...
he said "look, maybe there r some food"
i looked, but found nothing
then he said poing out at my shirt-maybe food is there? and laughed
i fake laugh too, but then all out trip i tried to understand do i really smell like rotten food... or what does he mean?

i dont feel my clothes smells bad... i wash it everyday and take shower always...
if i smell that bad why he even date me?


Most Helpful Guy

  • He might of been teasing you playfully
    do you work in a restaurant or fast food
    if not than he was jagging your wires ,,

    • jagging your wires"-what is that mean?
      i dont work at any food, restaurant
      we were on vacation and in the last day of vacation he told me that

    • It means joking around with you

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What Guys Said 4

  • probably you smell like poop

  • fu-fu-fu - ... cum?

  • Relax. He's probably just joking.

  • That is bizzare to say that, but u gotta be quicker with ur mouth and say yeah i smell it go brush ur teeth!

    • but what do you think he meant?
      bcoz he never said anything like that before

    • Who knows the guy sounds deranged! I dont know any women who would go out on one more date with him aftdr saying some shit like that. If u break up with him first u are the winner and when people ask why say he smelled

    • yes i think i ll do it)

What Girls Said 1

  • This is the first time I have ever heard of that phrase. I don't even know what that means!

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