Scared to have first boyfriend?

Hi, I'm 17 and I've never had a boyfriend or a first kiss or anything like that. I'm a shy kinda person and I don't know it just never happened.
I've liked this guy for like 3 years now though, I have an extreme crush on him haha. I'm pretty sure he liked me freshman year of high school (we'll be seniors next year) and I think he still might but I'm not as certain. I've imagined dating him and always thought how I'd definitely date him if he asked and all that.
But now he's coming to hang with me, my best friend (who does not know of my crush) my friends brother who's also my good friend and another girl friend. Tomorrow.

My sister and brother in law are always teasing me about him and saying we should date. Yesterday, my aunt was there and actually asked me if I like. him like that and I was like "weeeeell... yeahhh" all awkwardly x)

So now that my sister and brother in law know I actually do like him, I feel they may try to really push us together tomorrow at my party and I'm suddenly scared. I've imagined us dating so many times and I always thought I'd love it but I don't know I'm kinda scared. I don't know why.. I'm just like. ridiculously scared of the possibility now..

I'm also worried about the teasing from my family.. they always teased me about not having a boyfriend yet. So I can't imagine how much I'll have to. ensure when I actually do date someone finally. I have anxiety problems so this is very daunting to me..

So I guess I'm scared about my family's reaction and I don't know the change? How things will be different or idek what should I do? I'm like 80% sure he does like me lol. So its a high possibility something could happen so should I go for it or just not try my fears like what I don't know how to deal with this uncalled for fear x (


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  • Ask him stop being scared kiss the fool if you can hold his hand let him know you like him stop being so scared highschool is training wheels of life use it to try stuff out to a safe limit


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  • It won't be that different. It will be like having a friend whom you kiss and do intimate things.
    I don't understand what's there to be ashamed of in the first place.

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