Do atheists typically get married even though, presumably, they dont put any stock in the whole "in the eyes of god" thing?

Isn't the point of a formal wedding to not comitte Sun in the eyes of god?


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  • Civil marriage has nothing whatsoever to do with religion or the gods. Civil marriage has been around for a very long time, much longer than monotheism or religious marriage for instance. Civil marriage has to do with societal, familial, medical, legal, etc. reasons that have been codified into our secular civil law. Many thousands upon thousands of laws. As a practical matter there can be no other equivalent that will be fully respected. It's been tried with contracts and people have died for lack of respect by hospitals and such (particularly the Catholic ones which seem to be taking over all others these days, giving many people no other options).


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  • Atheists get married so they can get their partner's insurance benefits.

  • I don't see why not. You can get married at the courthouse. They don't need to say anything about God in their vows to one another.


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  • Humans typically get married regardless of their cultural or religious beliefs.

    • But not so much anymore.

    • That is true, marriage is declining, but it likely has nothing to do with the theological politics shifting since developed countries across the board are experiencing the change.

  • They do, but they have it done in a court house by a judge/magistrate.

    My cousin did it.

    • The ceremony also didn't involve all that "in the eyes of god" etc. either. Just a reciting of their vows and a kiss to seal the deal.

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    • Well, but I mean *why* would they get married if they're not worried about sinning in the eyes of God? Couldn't they just... stay together?

    • In the context of Christianity that's the purpose, but marriage existed long before Christianity did.

      All cultures have some sort of wedding type ceremony, regardless of their religion.

      Marriage is more about two people who love each other letting the world know how they feel and making a commitment to stand by each other till the very end.

      If that sort of mushy stuff doesn't do it for you, there's also the fact that it can get someone covered under your health insurance and you get a break on your taxes.