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So girls this question goes out to you. I know there a plenty of these questions about first dates, but here is another one. What is an ideal first date for you. Also if a guy tried to get a kiss what would your response be?


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  • First date something simple, so maybe coffee a picnic even, no movies because you can't talk and get to know each other. I recently had a first date and he actually too me to dinner (not super fancy) and then we spontaneously went for a walk on some nearby trails (it's fall so it was beautiful). He was confident in where we were going to eat and was a complete gentleman. We talked a lot and had no awkward silences. I like dates where there's some thought behind it, yes that can be difficult if you just met them and don't really know them but try to be creative. I always like a goodnight kiss, but it depends on the guy, it depends on if I had a good time or not. If it wasn't great I'd probably let him kiss me on the cheek but nothing more.

    Second dates, put some thought into it! After the first date you should have some ideas about what they like! Because my guy took me out, next date I want to plan and I think I'm going to cook him dinner and we'll go on another walk. Simple


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  • idea first dates? I like my first dates to be casual..

    ideal would be just simple coffee or frozen yogurt so then I get to spend lots to time chatting with them.

    second date: I'd prefer something spontaneous.

    hurm if he tried to get a kiss --depending on how much I'd like him --I'll kiss him back.

    if I don't really and I'm still waiting or thinking or just want to get to know him more then I'll turn away or hold back.

  • something fun that the guy knows the girl likes! no to kiss on first date unless its not really your first date and you've been friends a long time or something...guys who kiss on the first date always turn me off because I think they're gonna wanna take things fast or just want to have sex...


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