What is he upto?

he asked me for my whatsapp n cell no. then told me to meet him somewhere. i told him a different place. now he won't reply to me. wonder whats up?


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  • U changed the place or blew him off?

    • changed the place. i told him i am now ok with the place.

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    • he is a famous bollywood choreographer.

    • Are u in the states?

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  • depending how long it has been. 1. he sounds like a creep and i would be cautious.
    2. if it has only been a day or two you should be fine.

    • no. its been a week. he hasn't replied. he's a famous choreographer. he started following me on instagram. his account is freaking real too.

    • hhmmm... i am not sure. No guy gets all butt hurt for being told another place to meet is better. I still don't like the situation.

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  • Be careful of such encounters because no one can actually guarantee your safety. If he keeps insisting on the place, do not agree to meet him.