I'm in relationship since 2012 whith guy who try to win my heart from 2011-2012 we talk together each day okey we never had sex it isforbidden inour?

Religion.. we now finishing our study in university he is 23 and i'm 22 .. last months i feel that we feel routinely in our relashionship for example now we talk one hour per a day he told me about his study his family hia life his problems etc and vice versa he is sarching for work of course now.. is it an healthy relashionahip? How i can test if he feel bored or no? How can i refresh our love he told me to wait one year and we will get engaged? Is it okey to wait? I trust him but you know sometimes i feel the routine kill us especialy we are not allowed to break the rule to be closer i need pure ideas to protect this relationship: / help normally all attention become less by time in relations? Couples here is ot normally to talk one hour or few more per a day?


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  • It doesn't sound like an unhealthy relationship to me. And yes, it is normal to talk to your partner during the day. It would not be normal if you didn't have any kind of communication.