How to maintain confidence through a flirtationship?

Every time I start liking someone, I have a hard time continuing to believe they like me or are interested. Everytime I hang out with them I leave feeling confident that the relationship is moving forward, but then just a few small things will happen that will shake my confidence and make me think they don't really like me. Like for instance when he doesn't ask for my number or message me, but then when we hang out he always pays attention and listens to me specifically and always makes an effort to sit next to me. Is this swaying confidence normal? Is there a way to stop thinking like this? Or does this mean he doesn't really like me?


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  • I have always had the exact same issue. I've finally found an answer. I don't know if this will help you, but I just tell myself to stop caring. Just stop worrying if he likes you are not. I just sort of turn off my emotions and let whatever happens, happen. I literally have to talk to myself and tell myself to stop caring.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • it shows that he likes to be with you but not sure whether he thinks of you as girlfriend material... it's normal to be unsure at first... guys suck at expressing their feelings... so don't worry to much... guys like girls who are direct... so ask him if something bothers you...


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  • IM THE SAME!!! Every time I'm around my crush he's initiating conversations, complimenting me, teases me, asks about my life and remembers shit I tell him and he looks at me a lot. Yet nothing in between and I start to convince myself I was making up shit in my head and there's no way he actually likes me.

    • I'm so glad it's not just me! Like when I'm with him, we might as well be dating we get along so well and everything goes great. But then I convince myself that if he doesn't want to hang out and text me everyday that he doesn't like me.

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    • Ugh same. What about Facebook?

    • I messaged him once on Facebook just to tell him that one of his favorite shows was on, but other than that, no. He does like almost all my stuff though and me always comments on my videos and posts.