Girls, I really like this girl at church that I have known a month. How long should I wait to ask her out?

We meet at church events and just hang out together and talk. How long should I wait to ask her on a date?

  • Another month
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  • NOW
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  • Just ask her to hang out a few more times before a big date
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  • Your barking up the wrong tree. Your in the freind zone!
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  • Wait a year
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  • Good girls are not worth it
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  • Quick try and move out of the freind zone
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  • it all depends on how long you have known her, and really hung out with her. Also, know her behavior around you. See if she is comfortable with you, and that her parents are cool with you too. Knowing the fact that you two met at the church you should be pretty good. I'd say hang out a few more times before you ask her. Check too if you want to begin a relationship with her too. Hope everything works out


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  • I don't know what church you go to, but in mine we call it a courtship. Some hang out in group setting at first then move on to a big date. Some just go out for coffee a few times then do a dinner date. Also have you asked her father if it's okay for you to ask her out on a date? With me I go out with him for coffee or something a couple of times then see if he's a guy to take home.

  • just ask her

  • In my opinion, a date means getting to know someone while doing something fun together, usually one-on-one. It's not like you're asking her to be your girlfriend right away. Go for it!