I didn't do anything wrong right?

OK I've had some classes with this guy and we don't hang out but I guess I know him. I started summer school, and he's in my class and there's this girl in the class that is beautiful and he was always hanging around her and obvious knew her. I got the feeling she liked me though. I talked to him and he said they were just friends and nothing more.

So I flirted with her, then asked her out, and now we are dating. He is extremely jealous and hates me now. I guess he liked her and was just pretending to be her friend. I feel bad when he looks at me and is obviously hurt and angry, but I didn't really do anything wrong did I?


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  • u didn't do anything wrong!!!


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. He lied to you, he dug his own 'grave'
    He didn't make a move, you did. It's his loss

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