I seem to influence a lot of people I come into contact with? Should I be worried about this when dating?

Like the title says, I seem to touch peoples lives on a deep level. Soem examples: I moved coutries about 5 years ago (Right when I finished highschool). I had my group of guy friend and a group of girl friends. Even after 5 years, they seem to really miss me a lot and even still include me in their plans although Im in a different country. Some of the friends that are girls constantly tell me "How much I am missed in the States). Another example, From early childhood friends (in primary or whatever), They seem to still remember me even though I can't seem to remember them (I've moved around a lot ). My question is how significant is this trait when dating? Am i more prone to having girls being more attached to me? More prone to breaking their hearts and making them cry? I am naturally a deep person, as I've had not the usual life that most have had. Opinion?


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  • Amzing and deep. You have a dynamic personality­čĹŹof course this can be influential... water sign much?

    • Im a cancer. Is this a natural trait for water signs then?

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    • Will do! Will follow you

    • Likewise­čśŐ

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  • No it's fine. There is nothing to worry about. It's significant to some, others will be independent and not care or even notice.


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